Identity and Access Management

Directory, MyNetID

At Emory, Identity and Access Management facilitates the management of electronic identities, used to initiate, capture, record and manage user identities and their related access permissions in an automated fashion. This ensures that access privileges are granted according to one interpretation of policy and all individuals and services are properly authenticated, authorized and audited.

Identity and Access Management service focuses on the management of individual principals, their authentication, authorization, and privileges within or across systems and enterprise boundaries with the goal of increasing security and productivity while decreasing cost, downtime and repetitive tasks.

The Online Directory, as a part of the Identity and Access Management service, is a web-based application providing Emory employee contact information obtained from various Emory sources. The directory acts as an online phonebook and is accessed directly from the web at This frequently-used application is also available on the Emory homepage and other websites across campus. A quick-link to the Online Directory is part of the standard Emory web template, located in the header as "People Directory." With a powerful Search function, the Online Directory provides a means of finding the title or phone number of an Emory staff member.

The Identity and Access Management system creates the official network ID for all employees, students, faculty, and staff upon arrival at Emory. This ID, referred to as a NetID, is used to access applications and services used throughout the University. The application, MyNetID is used by customers to reset their password, personalize their online directory entry, and select an email name or alias to be used in lieu of the officially assigned NetID. Additionally the application provides management tools for Information Technology staff to perform account management functions. MyNetID also includes a ‘back-office' function that performs the creation and update of University LDAP and Active Directory accounts.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Facilitates the act of searching for an employee - type in the name or partial name of staff person and the person's information will appear
  • Employees are able to change personal information by themselves, as well as request changes to name and location
  • Limits directory information to internal Emory subscribers
  • Pre-approved email names automatically generated from user's name as shown on the Online Directory
  • Any previously obtained email alias is also available and pre-approved
  • Other names can be selected by the user upon approval
  • Allows three email names beyond those already assigned from prior aliases
  • Password Reset