Password Rules and Tips

Passwords are the keys to all your online resources. Everyone who connects to the Emory's online resources is responsible for taking all appropriate steps to secure their accounts and select strong passwords.

Choosing a Password

As a minimum standard, the password you select must:
  • Be between 9 and 30 characters long.
  • Passwords must contain at least 2 alphabetic characters (A-Z, a-z), at least 2 non-alphabetic characters (spaces, numerals, punctuation and/or special characters appearing on a standard U.S. PC keyboard). 
  • The userid/netid cannot be part of the password, and the password cannot contain more than 2 consecutive characters that are identical.

Keeping your Password Safe

You should never:
  • Write down your password or give it to anyone else
  • Use the same password for multiple services or websites
  • Provide your password over the telephone
  • Put your password in e-mail, even to LITS staff or technical support

More Guidelines: Microsoft's recommendations for strong passwords

Password Check Tools: Microsoft password checker

Forget Your Password?: Please contact the IT Service Desk or 404-727-7777

Other Password-related links: