Virus Protection

Access: Faculty, staff and students and other authorized members of the Emory community
Service Offered: Antivirus Software
Fees: McAfee can be installed on any Emory-owned computer, and students can install it on student-owned computers while they are actively enrolled at Emory.

Viruses and Worms

Viruses and worms can be acquired by using infected files from almost any source when you surf the Internet, swap files with friends, receive and look at email attachments, or use any files from a source outside your computer.

Protect your valuable information resources from malware:

  • Always run the latest versions of the recommended, Emory-supported antivirus software from the Emory Online CD or download from
  • Configure your antivirus software to automatically search for and install updates and to scan for viruses on a routine schedule
  • Configure your antivirus software to automatically scan your email
  • Never download or open any files or macros attached to email from unknown, suspicious, or untrustworthy sources. Delete these attachments, then empty your trash or recycle bin
  • Always virus-scan media (USB flash drives, CD-ROMS) before using them

Even with antivirus software installed, your computer can still become infected, so remember to keep antivirus software updated and schedule regular scans.