Windows 7 Phone

This page provides you with information on Windows 7 Phone devices. For general questions about the policy, be sure to read this FAQ.

How to backup a Windows 7 device

At this time there is no officially supported way to create a complete backup of your Windows Phone. Zune will create a backup of the phone only when its software is being updated (see the next section).

Known issues with Windows 7 devices

What you should expect to see when the policy is applied to your device

1. A message will appear notifying you that you must set a PIN. Tap "set". You will not be able to use the device until this PIN has been set.
  1. New Password

2. Enter your desired PIN, confirm it, and tap "done". It is very important that you choose a PIN that you can remember. Emory is not able to keep track of the PIN that you assign to your device and will not be able to help in the event that you forget your PIN.
  1. Confirm Password

3. If the PIN that you chose met the requirements, you will be returned to the screen that you were viewing before the password prompt appeared. If the PIN did not meet the requirements, you'll be prompted to try again.

How do I manually apply the security settings to my Windows 7 Phone?

Instructions for manually applying the security settings to your Windows 7 Phone device may be found here. This should only be necessary if you don't check your Emory e-mail from the device.

Is my device approved for storing sensitive Emory data?

Windows 7 Phone devices are not currently approved for storing sensitive Emory data because they do not support device encryption.