O365 Email Backups

After leaving Emory, your Microsoft account will be deactivated. Student accounts are deactivated 3 months after you have departed from Emory. This means your email will be deleted, as well as your license for Office 365 will expire. All Office applications will cease to work. If you wish to backup your Emory email, you can do so in a couple of ways depending on your OS. Please see the appropriate section for your computer.

If you only wish to save certain emails, it is recommended that you forward those emails to a personal account, such as your gmail, yahoo, icloud, etc.


If using Outlook 2016, it is recommended you backup your files to a .pst file. Microsoft has a write up on how to backup your emails, contacts, and calendars. This file can be imported into a personal or business copy of Outlook 2016 on your PC or Outlook 2016 on Mac.

Export or backup email, contacts, and calendar to an Outlook .pst file


Mac users can save their emails into Mac Mail for viewing after your account expires. To do so, you will need to create a local mailbox on your computer. Follow the steps below to import your mail into Mac Mail.

If your Emory Exchange mail is already configured into Mac Mail, skip to step 4. 

1. Open System Preferences and choose Accounts/Internet Accounts --> 'Exchange'

2. Enter in your NetID@emory.edu followed by your password

3. You can choose other options to sync, but this process will only save your email. Once complete, close System Preferences

4. Open Mail 

5. Choose Mailbox in the Menu Bar, then New Mailbox

6. Set Location to On My Mac, then type in a name for your mailbox (ex. Emory email) and click OK

7. Choose the Inbox of your Emory email, then Edit followed by Select All

8. Choose Message --> Copy To --> On My Mac --> Emory email (or whatever you called it)

9. Wait patiently as this will take some time to copy 4 years of emails

10. Verify your emails by choosing the Emory email folder under On My Mac. If there are any folders or emails missing, be sure to copy those following the same procedure