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Brett Coryell Discusses His Vision For FY12

Brett Coryell takes in the scene as UTSers arrive to hear his presentation.

On October 5, 2011, Brett Coryell (Deputy CIO, OIT) presented his vision for FY12 to the UTS staff in the Tull Auditorium of Emory's Law School. With over 180 UTS employees in attendance, the presentation provided lively discussion both during and after the event.

Brett's speech focused on a triangular model of emphasis between three key areas of the business mission: operational excellence (the continued development of core processes and systems), the OneIT Experience (providing a seamless user experience for IT across Emory's academic, research, and healthcare groups), and the academic mission (collaborating with faculty to improve student learning through innovation).

Following the presentation, there was an active question and answer period, in which Brett discussed items submitted anonymously prior to the session and also took questions from the audience.

Special thanks to the team who put together the event: Marisa Benson (PMO), John Ellis (Integration), Norman Hulme (Integration), Jim Kruse (Academic Technology Services), Wade Moricle (Integration), Brenda Rockswold (Academic Technology Services), and Steve Witte (Academic Technology Services).

You can see the event in its entirety below:

NOTE: Android users can access the video here.