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New Smartphone Security Policy Set To Announce

Don't forget your PIN/passcode!

Emory is implementing a new policy to improve the security of smart devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) that access Emory e-mail, or store sensitive Emory data. To help make this implementation as easy as possible, the OIT Security team has created a web page to help you understand how this policy impacts you, and how to prepare for it. The webpage can be found at:

The main item in the new policy that will have an immediate impact on users is that any smart device being used to access Emory Exchange will be forced to enable a four-digit PIN/password, as well as enabling a secure device wipe in the event that the PIN/password is incorrectly entered 10 times. This policy will hold true for all cellular devices used to access Emory Exchange, regardless of whether or not the device is owned by Emory.

Currently, several departments in OIT are testing the policy. The policy will eventually be rolled out to rest of campus after additional testing and a communications campaign have been completed. Look for emails to LOCAL-L about the formal release of the policy. In the meantime, please check out the web page. If you have any questions or feedback, send them to

- Derek Spransy, Information Security Specialist, OIT Information Security