Reward and Recognition

Christine Gomez Saves the Day

"A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles." - Christopher Reeve

Dear Mr. Fischer,

I am writing to share some good news. I am writing to inform you that Christine Gomez (Enterprise Services) went above and beyond to help rescue one of our computers at a crucial time.

Late this afternoon, the laptop of one of our developers was hijacked by a debilitating virus rendering his computer unusable. There is never a good time for this to happen, but this afternoon happened to be the most inopportune time imaginable for our team. Our development team was just hours away from a major software implementation that was scheduled to be pushed to production this evening. This was a project we have been preparing to roll-out for months.

Christine responded to our frantic, late-Friday-afternoon request for assistance. Once on the scene, Christine quickly assessed the situation and went right to work to resolve the problem. Christine was able to identify and remove the rogue files, making the computer operational. Christine stayed until well after 7 pm tonight to get this computer functioning again. She even stayed to confirm that all the software needed by the developer was functioning correctly before she went home. Because of Christine's efforts, our developer was able to utilize his computer, software, and recovered files to complete our implementation this evening.

My team and I are sincerely grateful to Christine for her dedication and outstanding customer service. Christine Gomez saved our day!


Patrick Caneer

J. Patrick Caneer - Assistant Director - Clinical Research Business Process & IT Solutions - Emory University Research & Health Sciences IT

Call Center Bravos

"Kudos to the educators, athletes, dancers, judges, janitors, politicians, artists, actors, writers, singers, poets, and social activists, to all who dare to look at life with humor, determination and respect." - Maya Angelou

Good morning,

It is an absolute pleasure to get word to you concerning one of your employees, Jennah Simpkins (Call Center). Jennah did an outstanding job in assisting me today. I have been frustrated in my quest to locate an MD for a patient who only speaks Spanish and needed a referral to be seen at Grady. I have been trying since last week to locate the ER MD and had completed several pages unsuccessfully.

Jennah sent an urgent page and within minutes she contacted me with the MD on line. I must express how grateful I am for her persistence as I have never gotten this type of service before. I have sought out the help of other operators in the past and I was always told "there is nothing else I can do" or "what do you want me to do," so you understand why I'm so excited to encounter this exceptional employee who exemplifies what customer service is all about.

Way to go Jennah! The Executive Team in the Office of the Chair is proud to work beside you in achieving Emory's Customer Service Model (Connect, Involve, Resolve). Ms. Russell. please share my gratitude with Jennah. It is important that she knows that her service is not ignored.

Ursula Jean-Baptiste
Sr. Assistant to: William E. Torres, MD., FACR Vice-Chairman, Clinical Affairs
Habib Tannir, M.S., Associate Administrator, Imaging Services

Stephanie Hone called from the National Office of Poison Control. One of her specialists had an incredible experience with Melody Holschbach (Call Center) and she wanted to pass on the feedback.

The Poison Control specialist expressed his appreciation for Melody patiently working with him to locate a doctor for an in-house patient. Once located, Melody provided a page request and office number. The specialist said Melody was absolutely fabulous!

Way to go, Melody. What an awesome way to build rapport with others in our industry.

- Bonita Russell, Supervisor, Call Center