Meet New Employees

Kendra Austin, Communication Specialist, Call Center

Kendra Austin on the job!

Kendra began her career in the OIT Call Center after working for several years with various temp agencies as a call specialist or administrative assistant. Her goal is to further her career in healthcare and the opportunity to work at Emory was one she couldn't pass up!

A native of Atlanta and proud graduate of Lakeside HS, Kendra was very impressed by the in-depth training provided by Mary Secrest (Call Center), especially considering the often overwhelming volume of material. Kendra stuck with it, relying on her outgoing, positive attitude.

She has three children, ages 3, 4, and 14. Her oldest, Kendall, is a soccer star at Woodward Academy. Kendra's hobbies involve her love of travel and camping.

You can reach Kendra at

Debbie Blanchette, Communication Specialist, Call Center

Debbie Blanchette loves to help!

Debbie Blanchette brings considerable experience as a communication specialist to the Call Center. Before coming to Emory, she worked for over 20 years at Georgia Power and United Behavioral Health as a customer service specialist. She also spent several years in physician contracting. Almost her entire working career has been in the healthcare industry.

Debbie was born and raised in Tampa, FL. She moved to Atlanta 10 years ago because she wanted to be a part of a ministry at World Changers Church in Decatur. Through this church she works extensively to spread their faith and assist down-trodden people in Atlanta's inner city.

She loves the beach and water sports and is an avid fisherman. She is also a golfer.

You can reach Debbie at

David D'Haene, Senior Developer/Analyst, Enterprise Applications

The lighter side of David D'Haene.

In November 2011, David D'Haene (pronounced "Dane") realized he had much more to offer the computer-using public and that he needed a change. Somehow, the universe put John Wilson and David in the same room and there was no doubt that David would join Emory University to help support and enhance ServiceNow, R25, and Effort Reporting System.

David began his computer career in 1992 by starting a computer consulting company while pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Michigan. For the past 20 years he has worked as a programmer, developer, analyst, network administrator, and consultant in retail, banking, supply chain, health care, and continuing education. He has developed a specialization in the Business Intelligence arena with a focus on administration, data warehousing, and development.

David was born in and spent 30 years in Michigan.

He and his wife Kimberly met while they were working at a state university in Michigan. About two years later, they were engaged in Greece, on the Acropolis, while touring Europe with a group of students. They now live in Atlanta with their two children.

One of David’s ambitions is to establish a consortium of support groups to address the problem of having an apostrophe in one’s last name.

You can reach David at

Jymbellyn Carthon, System Administrator, Infrastructure

Jymbellyn is all smiles in her new role!

On February 1, Jymbellyn Carthon (nee Harrison) was promoted to the position of enterprise messaging system administrator. She will be assisting the management of the exchange email system and will report to Jay Flanagan (Infrastructure). She has worked at Emory since January 2008 at the Service Desk, providing tier-1 support.

Before coming to Emory, Jymbellyn worked for the government as a marketing specialist for felons whom she helped return to the work force. "We have a terrible recidivism rate in Georgia," says Jymbellyn.

She grew up in Atlanta, and when not going to her husbands concerts, she is a chess player, and cajon (kah-HOON) expert.

You can reach Jymbellyn at

Jocelyn Ramirez, Project Manager II, Research & Heath Sciences

Jocelyn Ramirez: Top PM.

Jocelyn Ramirez is a native of Lima, Peru, and has been performing project management in Research & Health Sciences (R&HS) since last September. Before coming to Emory, Jocelyn was a project manager for seven years at Norfolk Southern.

Jocelyn has a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering from a university in Peru and an MBA from Georgia Southern. Her hobbies include yoga, sailing on Lake Lanier, making jewelry, and photography.

You can reach Jocelyn at

Ryan Roberts, Multimedia Specialist, Academic Technology Services

Ryan Roberts, the world traveler.

The newest member of Classroom Technology Services, Ryan will be supporting all of the classrooms (specifically at night covering Evening at Emory and weekend support for classes outside of the regular hours). Before coming to Emory, he worked for Columbia University in NYC as the Technical Director for Student Events in the Student Center. In this position Ryan worked with student groups on campus to help them conceptualize, plan and execute all of their theatre/dance performances, parties, concerts and meetings.

Ryan received an Associates Degree of Science in Film Production from the Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts. He also attended Columbia University, to begin pursuing a degree in Technical Theater. Ryan lives in Atlanta with his wife, who is a Georgia native. They have a baby girl due in April. Ryan is originally from Frankfurt, KY.

His hobbies include writing, teaching himself to play acoustic guitar, and he is an avid reader.

You can reach Ryan at