Update From Brett

What Road Are You On?

Which way will you go?

I met with a management consultant earlier this week and had to laugh inside when she asked me where I had received my management training.

I'm sure she was expecting me to name a business school or training institute for leadership. But I believe that becoming a good leader or manager has got to be the least definable process imaginable.

Little quotes ran through my mind in the two seconds I took to consider how to answer:

What I actually said was, "Well, I started my career as a high school teacher and I think I learned a lot about reading people and how to work hard." Everybody laughed and that made me think that like Frost's two roads, it might not be a traditional path, but "it has made all the difference," for me at least.

What road are you on? I hope you're taking yourself past a j-o-b and into the realm of a craft, discipline, or art form by surpassing basic expectations and moving into the realm of surprising answers. One way to start might be to think about Rich's Extra Credit challenge!

- Brett Coryell, Deputy CIO, OIT