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Meet the Messaging Team

Jay Flanagan, Terry Markert, and Jymbellyn Carthon are just three members of the vibrant Messaging Team.

The Messaging Team supports email, paging and trunk radio services for both the University and Emory Healthcare. A key part of the Infrastructure department, they support over 40,000 Exchange mailboxes, 15,000 student mailboxes and over 7,500 Emory University Hospital (EHC) Paging users. The team monitors virus and spam (Postini) protection services, which block over 21,000,000 messages per week.

Messaging's paging system annually delivers over 2,500,000 pages for EHC critical care services. The team also supports the Emergency Notification System (eNotify) which sends out vital communications in the event of an emergency on campus. The trunk radio system is critical to public safety support services (Emory Police Department and Emory Healthcare Public Safety). Overall, Messaging Services helps OIT customers to communicate effectively. Meet the team:

James Reed and Greg Cooper – Enterprise Messaging System Administrator IV's – James and Greg are responsible for managing and supporting Exchange 2010, both the application itself and the architecture. They are currently working on two major projects, the Office 365 Student Email project, which is a project to move all undergraduate students to the Office 365 environment and the Unified Messaging project, which is a switch over from the current Avaya Modular Messaging Voice Mail to Microsoft's Unified Messaging Voice Mail.

Terry Markert and David Gottschalk – Enterprise Messaging System Administrator II's – Terry and David are responsible for many of the other applications and services that the Messaging Team supports. These include Learnlink, Listserv, Postini, the Mail Relays and Email Archiving. Terry is currently working on the Office 365 Student Email project while David is a member of the Load Balancer replacement project.

Jymbellyn Carthon – Enterprise Messaging System Administrator I – Jymbellyn is the newest member of our team, coming to us from the Service Desk. She has taken over the responsibility of managing the Messaging Service Now queues and is in the process of learning all about the services that the team supports.

Jason Stanaland and John Hawkins – Mobile Messaging Application Administrator III's – Jason and John manage the Paging System (Simon Web), which is a critical service for Emory Healthcare. Paging services include the ability to send mobile messages via web, email, smartphones, tablets and landline phones, as well as the ability to receive mobile messages on pagers, cell phones, smartphones and tablets via paging protocols, SMS, and IP based messaging protocols. Jason is also responsible for supporting the Emergency Notification System (eNotify) while John supports the On-Call Calendar service. Both played vital roles in the recent Amcom (paging system) upgrade and are currently working on business cases for new projects that the team is interested in pursuing. John is also a member of the Monitoring Project team.

Tom Nguyen-Pham – Mobile Messaging Application Administrator II – Tom manages the Trunk Radio system for the Emory enterprise. The system supports the Emory Police Department, Emory Healthcare Public Safety, CEPAR, Campus Services, Emory Healthcare Facilities Management and Parking and Transportation. Tom is currently working on putting together recommendations for a new Trunk Radio system for the future.

Jay D. Flanagan – Manager, Enterprise Email and Messaging – Jay supports his team members as they work on projects or complete operational work. He is currently working on the Office 365 Student Email and the Unified Messaging Project teams.