Reward and Recognition

Service Awards for 2012

"To sustain longevity, you have to evolve." - Aries Spears

It is time to recognize our yearly service awards and in 2012, OIT has an impressive group being honored. The Emory Service Awards honor those individuals who have reached employment milestones, in increments of five years of service.

Please join us all in thanking your OIT peers for their many years of outstanding service!

Name Years of Service Anniversary Date
Peter Day (Integration)
40 April 10
Shirley Maddox (Enterprise Services)
40 January 24
Barbara Anderson (Integration)
30 March 15
Winton Brown (Enterprise Applications)
25 February 1
Tillie Loza (Enterprise Services)
20 February 17
Chris Alexander (Integration)
15 March 10
Joann Dodson (Enterprise Applications)
15 February 3
Robert Francis (Enterprise Services)
15 March 3
Candace Haley (Enterprise Services)
15 May 5
Carole Hirthler (IT F&A)
15 February 11
Wayne Morse (Academic Technology Services)
15 March 31
Winfred Sneed (Enterprise Services)
15 January 6
Larry Frazer (Enterprise Services)
10 June 17
Chris Weberg (Enterprise Services)
10 March 4
Heather Anderson (IT F&A)
5 April 27
Gonzalo Celedon (Enterprise Services)
5 March 19
Chris Fearrington (Academic Technology Services)
5 March 26
David Hauenstein (Infrastructure)
5 June 4
Robin Horton (Academic Technology Services)
5 April 4
Michael Keown (Enterprise Services)
5 April 30
Geneva McCants (Enterprise Services)
5 January 14
John Wang (Integration)
5 January 4

Call Center Bravos

"Celebrate what you want to see more of." - Thomas J. Peters

An Emory professor recently complemented Samantha Dacas (Call Center) for her thoroughness and follow-up skills. The professor needed access to her computer before an 8 a.m. class. Samantha noted all the details on the ticket and delivered a email, going above and beyond the process. The professor stated that she was a "happy customer" when she got a call from the Service Desk early the next morning. Helping out our faculty is always appreciated. Outstanding work, Samantha!

Ann Patterson, from the Thrift Boutique at Emory University Hospital Midtown (EUHM), called to applaud Melody Holschbach (Call Center). A customer in the Thrift Boutique was having a medical emergency. Melody Holschbach, who was in the store, stopped shopping and used her personal cell phone to call the emergency line. Ms. Patterson was extremely impressed with Melody’s "kind hearted" gesture" and stated that "Melody is an extreme asset to Emory." Melody, we agree with Ms. are always an asset to this organization. We appreciate you! Thanks for going out of your way to help.

Pamela Robinson (Call Center) has been recognized by Anne Adams, EHC Chief Compliance Office, for taking the time to get a REAL answer. Anne stated that Pamela was wonderful. She [Pamela] told me she had, "received several calls regarding a missing data letter. The patients were concerned and I had to get some help for them." GREAT JOB, Pamela! Thanks for taking the extra step to resolve a patient's concern.

- Bonita Russell, Supervisor, Call Center