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Mazzella Presents at Regional TM Conference

Christina Mazzella is also a college professor.

Christina Mazzella (IT F&A) recently presented at the Regional Toastmasters Spring Conference held in Atlanta, GA. She became the first member of the Toastmasters Unplugged group, OIT's official Toastmasters entry, to present at a regional meeting.

With a speech that focused on how technology can be used and misused in the workplace, Christina spoke for about 45 minutes, then answered questions afterwards. The questions were lively and interesting. The District 14 conference was held in the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center.

Christine's topic was "The REAL You: Communicating in a Non-Communicative World" and she discussed detaching from the strings (technological devices) that hold us back. "All too often we find ourselves unwilling to examine the ways we interact with others," said Christine. "Reconnect, empower, be accountable, and learn and you will regain what is being lost."

You can see highlights from Christine's speech below:

July 31 is Voting Day

The "Green Swish" indicates stories or ideas emphasizing our Division's efforts to be sustainable.

Please exercise your right to vote in person or by absentee ballot. Be heard on the Transportation Referendum; it's a citizen's vote and everyone's voice can be heard.

To Recap: The Metro Atlanta Transportation Referendum is a proposed 1% Sales Tax to fund priority transportation projects throughout 10 counties in the metro Atlanta region.

The referendum has a projection of $7.2 billion raised over 10 years with 85% going to selected regional projects and 15% going to local projects.

Emory highlights include potential New Light Rail, Improved Roadways, Safer Bicycle and Pedestrian Access.

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Happy Summer!

- Dawn Francis-Chewning, Business Analyst, Academic Technology Services