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Emory 100% Tobacco Free on August 1

"Every citizen who stops smoking, or loses a few pounds, or starts managing his chronic disease with real diligence, is caulking a crack for the benefit of us all." - Mitch Daniels, US Politician, 1949-present.

As you are aware, Emory University adopted a tobacco-free policy (Policy 4.113) effective January 1, 2012. On August 1, Emory will become 100% tobacco-free when the temporary smoking zones are dismantled and all tobacco-use is completely prohibited on Emory’s campus. We are writing to provide you with additional information that may be useful as you communicate to your faculty and staff about the policy.

Why is Emory going to a tobacco-free campus? Tobacco is the only legally regulated substance that even if used in moderation is proven to be harmful to your health. Secondhand smoke is also known to cause disease; data shows that even those exposed to secondhand smoke have considerable tobacco use related illnesses, including increased mortality. It is also important that Emory, as a university of higher learning that educates and trains health care providers, and as a health care system that provides care to tobacco users and supports preventative health, not support a habit that is inherently and clearly documented to be unhealthy.

What is Emory doing to help those who use tobacco? Tobacco is an addictive substance, and Emory offers several tobacco cessation resources at no cost to faculty, staff and students. For more information, visit:

How are other universities addressing tobacco use? Over 770 colleges and universities have banned tobacco use as of July 2012. This includes the University of Kentucky, University of Arkansas, University of Oregon, University of Michigan, UNC-Chapel Hill, Vanderbilt, and Washington University. Most recently, the University of California system announced that it would become smoke-free over the next two years.

Emory's tobacco-free statement is available at

Thank you for your support and assistance in communicating the tobacco-free policy to your faculty and staff. Because of the new policy, our campus will be a healthier, cleaner environment that truly supports the overall wellness of our students, faculty, staff and visitors.

- Peter Barnes, Vice President, Human Resources
- Theresa Barnes, Assoc. Vice President, Human Resources

Greening IT

The "Green Swish" indicates stories or ideas emphasizing our Division's efforts to be sustainable.

I found a couple of videos that provide real food for thought about helping our environment:

The Story of Stuff provides a look at production, consumption and connections and The Story of Change is a new follow-up with how change can happen. These videos are very good!

A few recycling links for August:

Midtown Atlanta: Saturday, Aug 11, 2012 10 AM to 3 PM - Electronics accepted (TV's $10). For more info:

Creative recyling:

What can I recycle and where?:

What's Emory doing? - green buildings, tree canopy, water and energy use, alternative commuters and more.

- Dawn Francis-Chewning, Business Analyst, Academic Technology Services

Toastmasters Unplugged Has New Officers

Toastmasters is an excellent way to do career development while having fun.

Toastmasters Unplugged, OIT's official Toastmasters training club, is announcing its newly-elected officers for 2012-2013:

President - Christina Mazzella (IT F&A)
VP Education - Lamar Kelly (Enterprise Services)
VP Membership - Wade Moricle (Integration)
VP Public Relations - Seth Tepfer (Oxford)
Treasurer - Liteacha Davis (Call Center)
Secretary - Byron Ahrens
Sergeant at Arms - Nathan Dejong (Oxford)

The club will be having its yearly kickoff meeting on August 14, where we will be serving lunch. If you have any interest in attending that meeting and learning what Toastmasters is all about, take this survey or contact Wade Moricle.