Reward and Recognition

First OIT Service Award Luncheon

Geneva McCants was one of the happy honorees.

This quarter, OIT held its first-ever OIT Service Award Luncheon in the 1762 Building. Honoring the half-year service award recipients (those with service to Emory in five-year increments), the luncheon featured twenty award winners who each stood and delivered a short speech about the biggest change they had seen since coming to Emory.

The event was organized by Christina Mazzella (IT F&A) and was catered through Ocean Catering. Because service awards are presented every half year, there will be another luncheon before Thanksgiving.

The recipients were:

Name Years of Service Anniversary Date
Peter Day (Integration)
40 April 10
Shirley Maddox (Enterprise Services)
40 January 24
Barbara Anderson (Integration)
30 March 15
Winton Brown (Enterprise Applications)
25 February 1
Tillie Loza (Enterprise Services)
20 February 17
Chris Alexander (Integration)
15 March 10
Joann Dodson (Enterprise Applications)
15 February 3
Robert Francis (Enterprise Services)
15 March 3
Candace Haley (Enterprise Services)
15 May 5
Carole Hirthler (IT F&A)
15 February 11
Wayne Morse (Academic Technology Services)
15 March 31
Winfred Sneed (Infrastructure)
15 January 6
Larry Frazer (Enterprise Services)
10 June 17
Chris Weberg (Enterprise Services)
10 March 4
Heather Anderson (IT F&A)
5 April 27
Gonzalo Celedon (Enterprise Services)
5 March 19
Chris Fearrington (Academic Technology Services)
5 March 26
David Hauenstein (Infrastructure)
5 June 4
Robin Horton (Academic Technology Services)
5 April 4
Michael Keown (Enterprise Services)
5 April 30
Geneva McCants (Enterprise Services)
5 January 14
John Wang (Integration)
5 January 4

Newsletter Team Receives Kudos

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The kudos have been coming in steadily all year from the Newsletter readership. Wade Moricle and Norman Hulme (both of Integration) have produced a high quality Newsletter each month, revamped the Newsletter format at the start of the year, and have been making adjustments throughout based on your feedback. Thanks Wade and Norman!

- John Ellis, Director, Integration