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OIT Holiday Party Rocked the Doubletree

Sandra Harrison, Al Shelton, and Christina Mazzella happily enjoyed the OIT Holiday Party!

The much-anticipated annual OIT Holiday Party was a big hit again this year. Held on December 17 at the Doubletree Hotel in Tucker, GA, the party had food, drink, and music galore. Over 175 OIT employees attended the event, which is a 17% increase in attendance over the previous two years.

The music was provided by Sharon Gregory's (Enterprise Services) husband. DJ Reminisce (Tommy Gregory) had party-goers shaking and wiggling to "Gangnam Style," "The Wobble," "The Cupid Shuffle," "The Electric Slide," and Flo Rida's "Low."

Additionally, OIT raised over $200 to donate to the Emory Hardship Fund. Thank you for your charitable donations! Special thanks also go to the party planning committee, which this year was comprised of Jay Flanagan (Infrastructure), Sandra Harrison (ITF&A), Kathy Hayes (Academic Technology Services), Susan Henschen (R-WIT), Shea Jarman (Enterprise Services), Wade Moricle (Integration), Bonita Russell (Call Center), and Genie Vidal (R-WIT).

Thanks to everyone!

Weight Loss Challenge Begins January 9

Don't be shy! Come lose some weight! You know who you are...

It's time to get healthier!

Next week (January 9) is the initial weigh-in for the Weight Loss Challenge between OIT and the College! There will be prizes for the overall winning team, as well as prizes for the winning team from OIT and the College. Please refer to the e-mail I sent to the division yesterday (January 3, entitled: Wellness Opportunity - Win a healthier you!  Weight Loss Challenge - Emory College VS Emory University OIT) for more information.

Official Weigh-In – January 9  Two locations:

Meet your goals in the New Year with a little friendly competition and a little added incentive! If you know you will be interested in participating, contact me at

- Christina Mazzella, Director, HR

Greening IT: Tis The Season

The "Green Swish" indicates stories or ideas emphasizing our Division's efforts to be sustainable.

Tis the season always to recycle! It is time to take down those holiday trees and bushes and there are lots of ways to give them back to the earth. You can take them to Home Depot or put them on your curb for yard trimming pickup. These services make mulch out of your discarded holiday greenery. Another option is to take your tree to a favorite lake to create a safe haven for newly hatched fish. Or you can cut up the tree yourself and put in your compost.

In Emory's campus sustainability efforts, the long-term goal is to reduce energy usage by 25% by 2015 and we are rapidly advancing toward that endeavor. Please challenge yourself and others by thinking of new and different ways to conserve energy and power down while continuing the advance of technology.

Let us celebrate the New Year with joy, anticipation, less power usage and energy saving ideas! Happy Sustainability in 2013!

- Dawn Francis-Chewning, Business Analyst, Academic Technology Services

New Newsletter Format Coming Soon

Out with the new, in with the newer!

In our effort to constantly strive for improved communication, the MarComm team is currently examining an improved newsletter interface. Using ECIT's WordPress tool for Scholarblogs, our plan is to maintain the look and feel of a newsletter, while providing improved communication tools of today's modern online magazines.

Some of the functionality we hope to gain is the ability to capture commentary about our articles, provide real-time listings of what our peers find most interesting in each issue, and allow the capability of sharing our articles in Twitter, Facebook, and other elements of social media. Although the site will utilize blog functionality, it will still be maintained as a monthly periodical.

One example of some of the functionality we hope to utilize can be seen at the Harvard Gazette, a daily online magazine. Obviously, the OIT Online News would be smaller in scale due to our much smaller staff, but you get the idea.

Our tentative plan is to roll out the new format as a test for the February Newsletter. Please give us as much feedback as you can as this is YOUR newsletter and our goal is to serve you.