Other Tools

Our Equipment

You can come to TechLab during our open hours and access a variety of tools for use within the space. We have a small collection to tools and eqiupment that do not require any training to use. If you would like training, just let us know and someone in the space can demonstrate proper usage.

Hand Tools

Currently in TechLab, we have a few types of manual saws, hammers, pliers, wrenches, socket sets, vises, clamps, screwdrivers, and more.

Power Tools:

TechLab has a Dremel Rotory tool, a power drill and an impact driver for your use.


We currently mantain a collection of MDF, acrylic, and hardware for folks to use as needed and within reason. We cannot guarantee any particular size or type of material will be available, nor can we guarantee any particular hardware assets. If you have a specific project you are looking to work on, please plan on bringing your own materials.

The same applies to adhesives, tapes, and other consumable that might be needed for the completion of a project. We might have some, but if you want to guarantee availability, you should plan ahead!

Helpful Resources:

A general overview of Power Drill Usage

The Illustrated Guide to Theater Production provides a good introduction to construction materials and methods.