Other Issues Logging In

If you are having issues with your system login, please check these resources.

University employees:
First time user?
Obtain Network ID and Password.

Forgot your Network ID and/or Password?
Call the Help Desk at 7-7777 (404-727-7777).
Support technicians are available Monday - Friday, 7:00am - 6:00pm.

Healthcare employees (eVantage users):
Call Center # 8HELP (84357)
First time user?
Obtain a logon ID and password from your Access Coordinator.
We recommend that you use the Password Reset Tool to change
your password to prevent unauthorized access of your account!

Forgot your logon ID and password?
Ask your Access Coordinator for your logon ID and you can
then use thePassword Reset Tool to change your password.

Browser issues:
Refer to the Browser Compatibility page