IT Information Security

Every individual is responsible for practicing safe computing when using Emory's networked resources like email and Internet connectivity. This means making sure the basics are covered: securing all accounts with strong passwords, keeping antivirus software and system patches up to date, immediately deleting unsolicited email attachments without opening them and backing up important data frequently.

All members of Emory's computing community should also be familiar with Emory's Information Technology Policies, in particular the Information Technology Condition of Use Policy (Policy 5.1).

Use the links provided here to learn more about Information Technology (IT) security at Emory and general safe computing practices.

Emory's Library & Information Technology Services (LITS) Security Team researches, develops and deploys solutions that protect information systems, mitigate risks and minimize the impact of hostile attacks on critical IT infrastructure.

The team works to safeguard information from breaches ranging from user error to enterprise wide threats, natural disasters, hackers, sabotage, theft, invasion of privacy, and viruses.

Day-to-day operations entail coordinating IT security across the Emory enterprise; administration of account access control; establishing policies, procedures and guidelines; and tracking, coordinating and mitigating responses to security incidents.

If you have questions about the security of your computer, contact us at 404-727-6666 or