IT Security: Contact Us

Security Incident Reporting


All security incidents should be reported to the security team immediately. Security incidents include:

  • Hacks and attempted hacks

  • Theft of data

  • Viruses/worms

  • Spam

  • Copyright infringements

  • Reports of machines that are serving or distributing unauthorized copyrighted material

Emergency Desktop Computing Support

Contact: IT  Service Desk, 404-727-7777
Hours: Monday - Friday, 7 am - 6 pm

IT specialists are available to assist faculty, staff and students with computing problems in supported services including, but not limited to: LearnLink, Eagle Email, LIistserv, MeetingMaker, Webdrive, network account trouble-shooting, password resets and assistance with configuring Symantec Antivirus.

Non-Emergency Desktop Computing Support

Contact: (IT Support Request)

Use the IT Support Request form for online computing support for non-critical desktop computing questions including but not limited to: LearnLink, Eagle Email, Listserv, MeetingMaker, network account troubleshooting, password resets, Webdrive and assistance with configuring Symantec Antivirus. IT Support also directs desktop computing support questions to the appropriate Help Desks for those who use Public Health and School of Medicine IT Services.

IT Security Standards and Guidelines


The IT Security Team is always available to review Emory's IT-related policies, state and federal laws with security requirements, as well as general IT security standards, guidelines, and best practices.

Local Computing Support

Local Support Providers (LSPs) are information technology professionals and other members of the Emory community who are employed by departments and schools to assist with desktop hardware and software installations, configurations, troubleshooting and technology recommendations.

To receive on-site computing support, please refer to your department manager, school website, or directly contact your Local Support Provider(s).