Getting Started

Now that you are educated on what Electronic Content Managment (ECM) is and hopefully have developed ideas about how you can get value from ECM solutions in your area, you are ready to gather preliminary information about your business processes and opportunities to improve them through ECM. 

This Readiness Audit is a questionnaire designed to launch you on your ECM journey by helping you to think through specific details related to your business processes. If you need help completing the document, please contact the OnBase Service Manager, at the following email address,

ROI Example

Project One

  • Hard Dollar Savings = $11,050
  • Office Supplies, $7,450 per year
    • Paper, $50/box x 2 boxes/week x 52 weeks = $5,200
    • File folders, $8.50/100-count x 100 boxes =  $850
    • Printer toner, $70/cartridge x 10 office printers x 2 per year = $1,400
    • Processing Labor, $3,600

Additional Savings = X hours/year of employee time that can be reallocated to other activities

Time spent opening, sorting, & processing materials = 2 hours/week * 2 employees * 52 weeks/year = 208 hours to spend on other activities

NOTE: The Ways and Means Committee will reassess the recharge model for FY2016 and beyond, so it could change.