New OIT Shopping Cart

Available March 1, 2023

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OIT has retired the MySoft application after 20+ years of service.  MySoft was the tool used to request, provision, track, and bill OIT one-time and monthly charges.  To replace this system, OIT partnered with Campus Services to use their existing AiM application.  Developers with Campus Services IT have created interfaces specific to OIT that includes a new Shopping Cart and Billing Portal.

The URL to the customer portal is:  


What is the URL to the OIT Shopping Cart and Billing Portal?

The URL to the customer portal is

I'm having trouble accessing the OIT Shopping Cart from home.

VPN access is required to login from off-campus. If you are on the Emory Network, it is not needed.

Will I be able to run reports on Active Billing Records in the new customer portal?

Yes, you will still be able to run reports on Active Billing Records using the following search options:  Speedtype, Override Speedtype, Department or Department Range

When we sign into the new OIT Shopping Cart, will we still see our historical work orders?

Yes, this is currently in progress but there will be a historical report that will display your previous work orders. It will be similar to what you see today under ‘WO/Cart Request Info’.

Will location information still be available in

Yes, the data in will pull location data from the new system.