OIT Billing Information and Help

OIT Self-Service website

The Office of Information Technology billing statements are available at the OIT Self-Service website

The Self-Service website provides access to your historical monthly bills for OIT/LITS services charged to a specific SpeedType/SmartKey. In addition, real-time equipment/services reports are available which contain all the recurring equipment/services currently billable to a specific SpeedType or to a range of Department numbers. Access to this site is available ONLY from on campus or by connecting through a VPN if off campus.

OIT B&A Help

Requests concerning OIT/LITS billings may be submitted to OIT Business and Administration (OIT B&A) via email to: OIT-billing@LISTSERV.CC.EMORY.EDU 

As further explanation of your requests, documents such as electronic worksheets or scanned marked-up copies of your invoices may be attached to your email requests.

Below are examples of requests that may be submitted to the listserv:

Request for copies of your OIT invoices

If your copy of the statement is lost or you are unable to obtain a copy from the Self-service site, you may request a copy. Please include the SpeedType/SmartKey and the billing period for which you are requesting a copy of the IT invoice/statement.

Changes to the SpeedType/SmartKey to be charged with NO change in service**

If a change is needed ONLY to the SpeedType/SmartKey charged on existing services and no further changes are needed to the service itself, the request can be sent to OIT B&A. Please include the current SpeedType, the new SpeedType, and the Line/Circuit Number (i.e. the phone number).

**Requests to change the SpeedType in conjunction with a change to the service may be submitted via the Shopping Cart on the OIT Self-Service website

Telephone Instructions

Telephone instructions including dialing instructions for placing a long-distance call are here:

Telephone instructions

OIT Rates

OIT Rates:  Provides a summarized listing of monthly rates on the most commonly used OIT services as well as one-time charges for installation and purchases.