How to Request Data

Emory maintains a collection of systems from which sets of data may be obtained for research purposes. These data sets help principal investigators review already available information stored by Emory University and Emory Healthcare without having to collect similar data independently, reducing costs of money and time associated with research projects and grants.

The process and requirements for receiving this data vary depending on the source of data. This section provides the necessary steps and information a principal investigator will need to obtain a dataset from an analyst.

Honest Broker?

A honest broker is an entity which keeps sets of private information but distributes parts of those sets to other entities who should not have access to the entire set.


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Emory Healthcare

Operations or Quality Assessment

These data will be used for evaluating clinical or business operations and quality of service only.

Members of the Emory Healthcare (EHC) community looking for data from the EHC Clinical Data Warehouse can start the request process by visting the Data Analytics/Report Requests website (to access, you must be logged in to the VDT/VDI or on the EHC network).

Research or Other Generalizable Knowledge

This data will be used for published research or similar purpose.

Investigators looking to access Emory Healthcare data may start the request process by completing an Emory University new request form. Please note requests requiring patient identifiers will require documentation of IRB approval.

Atlanta Veteran Affairs Medical Center

Data from the Atlanta VA office can be accessed with the help of the Atlanta Research and Education Foundation (AREF). The Foundation collaborates between the Atlanta VA Medical Center, academic institutions, government research organizations, and private companies in order to aid in the advancement of research and education at the Atlanta VA Medical Center. All data is pulled through the VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure (VINCI) CDW. 

All requests for Atlanta VA Data must go through the Atlanta Research and Education Foundation (AREF).

View instructions for having a project approved

Grady Health System

Emory University affiliated researchers requesting Grady Health System data should seek Emory University IRB approval and approval from Grady’s Research Oversight Committee (ROC). Researchers are encouraged to contact Grady Research Administration at for instructions on how to access the appropriate forms for ROC submission and for specific information on the Grady research data request process.

Upon receipt of IRB and Grady ROC approval, investigators should fill out the Epic Research Data Request document located under "Request Reports/Data for Research and Grants". Please note that the link to the Epic Research Data Request document is only active from within the Grady Health System network for authorized Grady employees, staff and physician partners.