Clinical Research Data Repositories

Emory maintains a collection of systems from which sets of data may be obtained for research purposes. These data sets help principal investigators review already available information stored by Emory University and Emory Healthcare.

Center for Health Discovery

As the scientific arm of the Predictive Health Institute, two core CHDWB goals have been to describe health in social, cultural and biological terms, and to use these tools to understand and predict deviations from health and overall health prognosis.

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Emory Healthcare Clinical Data Warehouse

The Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW) is a repository that integrates data from multiple business and clinical applications within Emory Healthcare and some external bench-marking databases, providing data needed for clinical quality reporting, research and operational decision-making support.

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Center For AIDS Research Registry: HIV/AIDS Data

Funded through an Emory University Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) grant supplement award, the CFAR Infectious Disease Program Registry (IDP-Reg) is a data repository that serves to address the increasing need for secondary analyses of clinical data derived from a clinic dedicated to the treatment of HIV/AIDS, and spans encounters beginning in the year 2000.

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