Conference Calls

Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides the use of basic meet-me conference bridges to link up to 25 participants on one call.

There are a number of vendors who are able to offer full service audio conference bridges for a fee. Full service features include a hosted solution option, bridge capacities of 100 or more, access pass codes, toll free bridge numbers, mute control, roll call, call recording, reservations via the web using a credit card, and billing on a monthly account or on an as used basis

Additionally, some vendors offer a web conferencing option that utilizes a conference bridge for the audio portion and an internet link for presentations. This option may require special software and/or operating system (OS) requirements so note any specifications stipulated.

Getting Started

Office of Information Technology (OIT) conference bridge reservations are scheduled through 25Live. When submitting your request, be advised that conference bridge lines are listed under Telephone Bridge/Phone Bridge in the Location field.

Please note the conference bridge lines offered are free and non-passcode protected. If you require a passcode protected line, please visit the OIT self-service website to purchase a secure conference bridge line. There is a monthly fee associated with this bridge line.

Please be considerate of your scheduled time. If you need to cancel your conference call, update your request in 25Live so the bridge can be made available to others.

Please note

  • Firefox is the preferred browser to use for 25Live.
  • OIT conference bridges are reserved on a first come, first served basis.
  • A reservation confirmation e-mail is required before a bridge line can be utilized.
  • Unscheduled calls will be disconnected without notification.
  • When scheduling a call, please allow for time zone differences and acknowledge same in reservation communications.
  • A reservation cannot be scheduled to start at the same time that another reservation is scheduled to start or end
  • Reservations are only scheduled for the current calendar year.
  • OIT does not provide hosted (operator-assisted) conference calls.
  • Reservation requests should be submitted within 4 hours of the requested schedule time.
  • Please allow 24-48 hours for multiple time/day requests.
  • If an OIT bridge line is not available the following vendors are accessible:
    • Chorus Call: (Contact Clara D'Antonio @ 1-412-373-6964 to schedule conference calls with over 20 participants. Web conferencing and video conferencing available)
    • Genesys Conferencing:
    • WebEx: (offers free trial and web app demonstration)
    Prices vary with feature implementation; and typically rate on a per minute call basis

Conference Call Etiquette

  • Please be respectful of your reserved time.
  • Wireless phones, cell phones and speaker phones generally do not offer the best connection: consider using a wired phone connection where possible for better sound quality during the conference.
  • Minimize background noises and interruptions; use the mute button on your phone when not speaking.
  • Do not put the call on hold. If you have music on hold or any type of hold announcements everyone on the call must hear and talk over your music until you return.
  • Please introduce yourself before speaking, allowing other participants to identify the source of questions and discussion points.