Dialing Instructions

Use the links below to find instructions on how to make various types of calls. You can also learn how to place a conference callor activate features on your telephone.

Calling Information

To call:Dial:
A local number9 + 404, 770, 470, or 678 + 7 digit number
Oxford College from an off-campus number770 + 7 digit number

Dialing From Campus

To call:Dial:
Emory/Atlanta Campus student residential unit1 + last 4 digits
Emory/Oxford Campus phone number4 + last 4 digits
Emory Administrative Offices7 + last 4 digits
Emory University Hospital2 + last 4 digits
To place a local call to 404, 770, 470 or 678 area codes9 + area code + 7-digit number

Emory Telephone Exchanges

404-251Emory graduate and undergraduate student residential units
404-727Emory Administrative Offices
770-784Emory Oxford Campus
404-712Emory University Hospital, Emory Conference Center and Hotel, and Emory Administrative Offices

Dialing from off Campus

To reach extensions for:

Emory Clinic404-778 + the 4-digit extension
Emory University Hospital Midtown404-686 + the 4-digit extension
Emory University404-727 + the 4-digit extension
Emory University Hospital404-712 + the 4-digit extension
Emory University Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital404-251 + the 4-digit extension
Oxford College770-784 + the 4-digit extension

Dialing Restrictions

Certain dialing restrictions have been set up in the Emory telephone system to protect station users from unauthorized calls. Those restrictions are:

  • Calls to "Dial-it" numbers, e.g., Dial-a-Joke, Dial-a-Soap, etc.
  • Calls to area code 900 and 976 cannot be made.
  • Internal numbers (003 prefix) cannot receive calls from off campus.

Directory Assistance Dialing Instructions for Avaya

Dial 9 + 411 for local or 9 + 1 + area code + 555-1212 for long distance

International long distance information can be reached by calling the Emory operator to make billing arrangements.

Emergency Calls

Emory Police Services911 or 404-727-6111
Emory EMS911 or 404-727-6111
Oxford Police770-784-8377
Emory University Hospital Midtown404-686-1777
Emory University404-727-6111
Emory University Hospital404-712-1777
The Emory Clinic404-778-8888
Wesley Woods Center404-728-6999
Emory Operator404-727-6123 or 0
Motorist Assistance404-727-7275

Long Distance Calls

International long distance calls from Emory extensions which are billed to an Emory SmartKey must be placed through the Emory Long Distance Network and require an authorization code.  Effective February 2013, long distance authorization codes are not required to place domestic long distance calls from non-restricted phones on the Emory telephone system.

Domestic Calls

Dialing Instructions for Avaya

Dial 9 + 1 + 10-digit number

International Calls

To use a calling card or third number billing, dial 9 + 011 + country code + routing code + phone number. You will then give requested billing information to the operator.

Authorization Code Instructions

  1. Dial 9 + 011 + country code + routing code + telephone number (listen for dial tone).
  2. Dial authorization code.

Service Calls

For telephone repairs, assistance with telephone features, to check the status of your work order, or for general information, please call the OIT Customer Care Center at 404-727-2323.

To request moves, changes, additions, or removal of OIT equipment or services visit OIT Service Requests.

Tie Line Calls

5-Digit Dialing is available for numbers within the Emory network. This telephone system uses a Tandem Tie Line Network to connect Emory University Hospital Midtown, The Emory Clinic, Emory University Hospital, Emory University, and Oxford College.

For five digit dialing to the locations listed below, dial the one-digit prefix followed by the last four digits of the extension. When providing direct dialing instructions, use the "Direct Dial Number" column below for the Area Code and Exchange.

LocationInternal ExtDirect Dial No.
Emory University Hospital Midtown6-XXXX =404-686-XXXX
Emory Clinic8-XXXX =404-778-XXXX
Emory University1-XXXX =404-251-XXXX
Emory University7-XXXX =404-727-XXXX
Emory University8-XXXX =404-778-XXXX
Emory University Hospital2-XXXX =404-712-XXXX
Emory University Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital1-3XXX =404-251-3XXX
Oxford College4-4XXX =770-784-XXXX
Oxford College4-8XXX =770-784-XXXX

Toll Free Calls

All toll free calls (800, 866, 888, 877) may be dialed direct by dialing 9 + 1 + toll-free area code + telephone number.