At times, it’s handy to have someone help you out as you work your way through your AWS experience.

In general, we recommend working through your local IT organization to make sure they are aware of the work you are planning. They should be able to help steer you in the right direction.

If you are already working with a research core, you may want to check with them to see how the use of AWS may impact the overall work you are conducting. Many of the research cores are already engaging with AWS at Emory so this could help ensure you can leverage the work they have already done.

If you are looking for scientific help in the use of AWS at Emory, the Emory Integrated Computing Core has expertise in this space and has a service model in place.

For an introduction to the service, help on how to move to AWS at Emory, or questions on how AWS at Emory operates, the OIT AWS at Emory support team can certainly help out. The team can put you in contact with AWS professional architects to get advice on solution design and options, and can provide additional consulting services to build a solution that fits your needs.

And finally, you may want to use an external third provider to help with your AWS work. At times, faculty have reached out to these providers when their project has requirements that AWS at Emory cannot, at this time, fulfill or they needed major project work in a short period of time. In these instances, the OIT team has worked with the external provider to ensure the Emory faculty needs were met.

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