Center For AIDS Research (CFAR) Registry: HIV/AIDS Data

Funded through an Emory University Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) grant supplement award, the CFAR Infectious Disease Program Registry (IDP-Reg) is a data repository that serves to address the increasing need for secondary analyses of clinical data derived from a clinic dedicated to the treatment of HIV/AIDS. The CFAR Registry contains a variety of inpatient and outpatient data aggregated from multiple sources within the Grady Health System (GHS) enterprise; including patient demographics, laboratory results, GHS prescription pick-ups, inpatient and outpatient diagnoses, and inpatient admissions. Currently, data coverage in the registry spans encounters beginning in the year 2000 with new records appended periodically.

Content Details

Emory CFAR Registry Data DomainTime Period Covered
Demographics2000 – ongoing
Laboratory Results2003 – ongoing
Grady Health System Prescription Pick-ups2000 – ongoing
Visit/Outpatient Diagnosis2003 – ongoing
Admissions/Inpatient Diagnosis2000-2009; 2011 – ongoing
Cost Data2000-2009

As of mid-2014, the CFAR Repository contained: 

  • 11,365 unique outpatients
  • 348,193 patient encounters
  • 276,405 laboratory results
  • 19,484 inpatient admissions
  • 47,387 total person-years 

Requesting the Data

To request data please contact the CFAR Clinical Research Core for an application. All data requests will be reviewed by an internal CFAR committee to ensure judicious uses. When appropriate, data use will be subject to IRB and Grady ROC review for compliance with human subject research and HIPAA Safety and Security Rules. Data use by non-Emory users will require a materials & data transfer agreement with the requestor’s organization. All data use will require a standard CFAR data use agreement with the user.