HR/Payroll Committee Members

Monthly Meeting Schedule: Second Thursday, 1:30pm - 2:30pm


Peter Buch (Chair)Emory University Human Resources
Audrey TurnerCandler School of Theology Finance
Cliff TeagueSchool of Medicine Human Resources
David MillerEmory University Finance
Del KingEmory University Human Resources
Hillary BoltonEmory Healthcare Human Resources
Joleen MitchellEmory University Payroll
Kaven MoodleyEmory Healthcare Human Resources Technology
Laura PapottoEmory College of Arts and Sciences Human Resources
Liz Daunt-SamfordEmory Healthcare Corporate Administration
Marion OglesbyEmory Healthcare Payroll
Mary DialEmory University Human Resources Technology
Sara ShockleyEmory Healthcare
Susan NewbornOxford College Human Resources
Theresa MilazzoEmory University Human Resources
Vijayakumar JanakiramanEmory Healthcare Human Resources Technology
Dean Schuh (non-voting)Office of Information Technology
Tom Vincent (non-voting)Office of Information Technology


This committee provides oversight, authorization, and prioritization for operational and project work for PeopleSoft HCM, Kronos Time & Attendance, and any current and future ancillary systems closely aligned or dependent upon the HCM system. The committee is also responsible for approval of projects that utilize OIT resources assigned to the technical support of HCM and ancillary systems used in support of Emory Healthcare and Emory University.


In consultation with University and Healthcare Human Resources, University and Healthcare Finance, and Office of Information Technology this committee will review, monitor, and alter a five-year road map of annual operational and approved project work. Through proactive monitoring this committee will

  • ensure performance complies with the approved road map and business cases approved by the committee;
  • be the final decision-making body for resolving project issues;
  • approve software customizations, recommend or approve decisions as needed.


Consultative communication channels will be established and maintained with:

  • University and Healthcare Human Resources;
  • University and Healthcare Finance;
  • Office of Information Technology (OIT);
  • IT Steering Committee

Using this approach, the committee will receive relevant communication to assist in carrying out its decision-making and oversight responsibilities.


  • Governance over prioritization of projects for the PeopleSoft HCM Technical team
  • Determines membership and charter, with final approval from IT Steering Committee
  • Reviews and approves/rejects business cases submitted from OIT
  • Review policies that impact Human Resources Information Systems