EmoryUnplugged requires one-time registration after July 15

NAC Login boxBeginning July 15, all users connecting to EmoryUnplugged (Emory's academic wireless network) must manually register their Windows or Macintosh desktop or laptop. All mobile devices (tablets and smart phones) will be automatically registered.

According to Alan White, project technical lead, the purpose of this registration is to install an agent that will assist the network security team. "This agent will lead to improved network security by ensuring that machines meet minimum standards before accessing EmoryUnplugged," White says.

The new network access control (NAC) solution will replace the network registration (NetReg) and client assessment tool (CAT) solutions that for many years were used to register student computers and check for the presence of antivirus software and operating system service packs.

Early adopters have already installed the agent without significant issues. Those who have connected to EmoryUnplugged in the Woodruff Library, the North Decatur Building, or portions of 1762 Clifton Road have already been registered for months.

Over 160 pre-college students (high school students taking summer courses at Emory) went through the process last week without a single problem, notes Dawn Francis-Chewning, an Emory educational analyst.

How will the manual registration work?

When you choose the "EmoryUnplugged" option for the first time on or after July 15, you should see a system message from Bradford Networks asking you to register using your Emory Network ID and password. Those of you who have local technology support may already have the Bradford agent pre-loaded on your device. The rest of you will be prompted to download and install the Bradford agent.

Bradford Control panel with successful registration confirmationOnce you enter your Network ID and password, you may notice the Bradford agent performing a "posture check" for antivirus software. If your antivirus software is not current or you do not have antivirus installed, you will see a warning message. This message will not stop your registration, however.

If your local technology support staff has not already installed the Bradford agent on your desktop/laptop AND you do not have administrator access to your desktop/laptop, you will not be able to successfully use EmoryUnplugged without assistance.

In this case or for any other assistance, please consult your local technology support staff or call the University Service Desk at 404-727-7777.

For more information, go to http://it.emory.edu/nac.