2016-17 Annual Report: Library & Information Technology Services

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"Thanks to terrific work across all levels of the LITS organization, we continued to help Emory move forward in a time of great change."

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Enterprise CIO and Sr. Vice Provost of Library Services & Digital Scholarship


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Upgrades & Infrastructure

LITS underwent several instances of foundational growth and procedural development in FY16, allowing the division to solidify its core strengths. Major upgrades and infrastructure improvements were key elements of this growth. 

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Research & Implementation

Innovation was a major element of LITS' success in FY16, with several projects demonstrating a willingness to look beyond the norm. Each of these projects incorporated intense research throughout as well as managed implementation.

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Identity & Authentication

Reducing risk is a key element in combating the modern concerns inherent in today's high-speed, internet-based academic environment. In FY16, LITS protected its data through stronger identity and authentication management.

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Modern Scholarship

Today's academic environment requires modern techniques for advancing scholarship in ways that capture the imagination. Leveraging the core strengths of LITS created new opportunities for growth and development in FY16. 

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LITS focuses on innovation, efficiency and developing synergies and partnerships across the institution, seeking to add as much value as possible to the pursuit of Emory's mission.

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