2010-11 Annual Report: Office of Information Technology

Header graphic for OIT Annual Report Rich Mendola

"As Emory continues its IT evolution, it becomes imperative that we maintain a unified IT support structure that eliminates complexities in overall service. The One IT Experience is our answer to that challenge."

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Emory Healthcare Information Services

Dee Cantrell

Calculated Action

Emory Healthcare Information Services made substantial accomplishments in a rapidly changing environment, despite challenges from health reform, market consolidation, and a weak economy.

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Information Technology Architecture

Steve Wheat

Collaborative Expertise

OIT Architecture established One IT Experience IT architecture reviews, as well as providing guidance and technical assistance on several projects throughout Emory.

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IT Finance & Administration John Connerat

Financial Planning

IT Finance & Administration showed constant diligence in the areas of financial planning, human resources, management of the physical office and administrative space, and other operational functions.

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Information Security Brad Sanford

Proactive Security

OIT Security continued to monitor attempted intrusions, analyzed threat levels, and improved upon a growing suite of security knowledge and diagnostic systems.

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Research & Health Sciences IT

Marc Overcash

Strategic Services

Research and Woodruff Health Sciences IT saw FY11 as a time of productive change and improved stewardship of valuable data resources, which enhanced our competitive advantage.

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University Technology Services Brett Coryell

Innovative Approach

In the midst of a division-wide collaboration on the One IT initiative, University Technology Services also completed a stellar year of innovation and implementation across the enterprise.

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