2012-13 Annual Report: Office of Information Technology

Header graphic for OIT Annual Report Rich Mendola

"We once again tried to balance specific business-driven initiatives with our continuing efforts to improve our IT foundation components so that future initiatives could be achieved more readily, securely and cost effectively."

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Emory Healthcare Information Services

Dee Cantrell

Operational Collaboration

The Emory Healthcare Information Services (IS) team continued its collaborative partnerships to deliver of high-quality patient care through technical excellence and innovation.

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Information Technology Architecture

Steve Wheat

Digital Mobility

OIT Architecture made significant advancements in defining web, mobile and eCommerce application frameworks for research, academic and administrative applications.

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IT Finance & Administration John Connerat

Administrative Partnership

IT Finance & Administration showed constant diligence in the areas of financial planning, human resources, and management of the physical office and administrative space.

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Information Security Brad Sanford

Incremental Progress

In looking back on FY13, OIT Information Security made incremental progress on a lot of different fronts and had a few significant and noteworthy accomplishments.

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Research & Health Sciences IT

Marc Overcash

Building the Foundation

The Research & Woodruff Health Sciences IT (R-WIT) division has been building the foundations for a series of strategic initiatives to support the multiple missions of the University.

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University Technology Services Brett Coryell

Forward Movement

University Technology Services (UTS) spent FY13 operating at an enterprise scale. Many of our projects were focused on strengthening our infrastrcuture and improving our processes.

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