2013-14 Annual Report: Library & Information Technology Services

Header graphic for LITS Annual Report Rich Mendola

"Over the course of the past year, the original vision of a combined library and IT services organization was solidified. The newly configured LITS organization accomplished a wide range of high priority objectives."

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Enterprise CIO and Sr. Vice Provost of Library Services & Digital Scholarship

Business and Administration

John Connerat

Broad Ownership

"The Business and Administration of Library and IT Services division provides financial management, human resources support, contract management, and administrative services."

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Emory Center for Digital Scholarship

Wayne Morse

Strong Beginnings

"In its first full year of existence, the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship brought together Library and IT units that had operated independently into one cohesive group."

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Emory Healthcare Information Services Dee Cantrell

Technology Improvement

"FY14 was a time of technology improvement for Emory Healthcare IS, as several upgrades and new software initiatives were key elements to the overall work effort."

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Enterprise Applications, Services, and Infrastructure John Ellis

Enabling Technology

"We leveraged new capabilities to expand and improve the services we provide as well as completed several major initiatives that will be key enablers for the business in the years ahead." 

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Enterprise Architecture

Steve Wheat

Expanded Mobility

"The IT Architecture group focused on several aspects of mobile application and web application infrastructure, including serving as a central point for development standards."

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Enterprise Security Brad Sanford

Challenges Met

"The Enterprise Security team responded to challenges in FY14 while continuing to grow its capacity through selective hiring and by developing expertise with helpful new external partnerships."

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University IT Services and Research Solutions

Marc Overcash

Building Foundations

"Ours is a division that combines clinical trials, data solutions, middleware, project and service management, product and business program management, and software development."

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University Libraries Yolanda Cooper

Transitional Renovation

"In the Library, this has been a year of reorganization, renovation, and transition including a new LITS structure, new space planning and development, and new leadership."

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