Duo Security Two-Factor Authentication

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Why is Emory implementing Two Factor Authentication?

Attacks on higher education and health care computers and networks are increasing in sophistication. Passwords alone have proved to be an ineffective means to mitigate the current threat to our information resources. Two-factor authentication decreases the risk of compromises and data breaches by requiring two factors to confirm your identity – something you know (your password) and something you have (e.g., app push, text, or call to your mobile phone or landline). It is now common in online banking and other high-security applications. For example, if you have ever received a code via text message and had to use it to log into a website, you have used two-factor authentication.

How does Duo work?

Duo is a two-factor authentication system that Emory is implementing on multiple services to increase security. After you log in with your NetID and password, Duo confirms your identity by any of the following methods you choose:

  • Sending a push notification to the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone that you acknowledge to confirm your identity
  • Entering passcode that you requested via the Duo Authentication prompt, or that you generated on your Duo Mobile app, or displayed on a hardware token
  • Responding to a phone call that was sent to your mobile phone or landline

Normally, you will only need to use Duo whenever you log in to a Duo-enabled Emory service from an off-campus location (e.g., off the Emory network or Emory WiFi Network).

See “What are my authentication options” at the Emory Duo FAQ page for more information.

Where has Duo been implemented at Emory?

  • Currently Duo is active for the Emory VPN, RSPH Citrix, PeopleSoft HR/eVantage, OPUS, EmoryHealthcare VDT/VDI, and Office 365. See the Emory Duo FAQ page for complete details regarding this application).
  • Once you have enrolled, you will see the Duo authentication prompt when you log into a Duo-enabled applications from off campus. When prompted by Duo, you will have the option to trust the device you are using for 30 days when using the same device and web browser. You will not need to use Duo when you are on the Emory campuses or Healthcare locations (including satellite clinics), Grady Memorial Hospital, or Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

Quick Setup

To use Duo, you will need to complete the Duo Security enrollment process.  On a computer (not your smartphone), go to the Emory Duo Self-Service Portal to begin.

  • Click on the Duo Enroll button
  • Select the type of device you would like to use (Mobile Phone is HIGHLY recommended)
  • Enter your phone number
  • Select your device platform
  • Install the Duo app on your device
  • Activate your device by scanning the QR code from the Duo app

You're all set up! You can test the Duo Login process at the Duo Self-Service Portal. Once there, click the Duo Login button and enter your NetID and password. If your password is correct, Duo will prompt you for your second factor.