Service Catalog Roles and Responsibilities

Service Catalog Manager 

Capture, document and Publish Service Catalog entries in order to provide current information to the Service user community 


  • Identify Services that should be included in the Service Catalog
  • Document the Service offering in terms familiar to the audience
  • Ensure all stakeholders sign-off on the Service offering
  • Ensure the publication of new Service Offering
  • Maintain published Service Offerings
  • Assist in communication and promotion of the Service Offering

Service Catalog Process Owner

Has the overall responsibility for ensuring the Catalog Management process is adhered to


  • Sponsors the process by ensuring the Catalog Manager has adequate access and training to conform to best practices and meet the needs of the organization
  • Sponsors the communication campaign to promote awareness and acceptance of the Catalog Management process 
  • Provides the description, mission statement, roadmap, strategy, process objectives, and metrics to measure success and obtain formal approval for the Catalog Management process and its associated procedures 
  • Monitors and reviews the execution of the Catalog Management process at a high level,ensures it remains consistent with the organization’s current culture and IT Service Management strategy and ensures coordination with all other IT processes 
  • Participates in the IT Governance activities