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John Connerat

An Emory graduate, John E. Connerat is the Executive Director of IT Finance and Administration. With a focus in budgeting, finance, human resources, contracts administration, software licensing, and business operations, John's team provides the organizational backbone for Emory's 350-person, $61 million OIT division. John has held previous directorships in IT business operations and capital planning & finance, as well as performed real estate and tax law for businesses and individuals. John is a member of the State Bar of Georgia.

The IT Finance and Administration division provides financial management, human resources support, contract management, and administrative services for all division of the Office of Information Technology such as University Technology Services, Research & Health Sciences IT, the Chief Information Security Officer, the Chief Information Architect, and the Office of the Vice President and CIO.

IT F&A partners closely with Emory Healthcare Information Services in these areas as well where both the university and healthcare align in various parts of its respective missions. The division encompasses the areas of financial planning and budgeting, human resources, new-employee onboarding, benefits help, management of the physical office and administrative space, and other operational functions.

For annual reporting purposes, the statistics tell a large part of our story. The numbers below give a small sample and flavor for the activity this division oversaw in fiscal 2011.

Financial Transactions

Transaction Type # of Transaction Lines Dollar Amount
Invoices and Purchase Orders 10,642 $25,719,056
Campus Service Charges 288 303,593
Expense Reports 919 107,958
P-Card Charges 1,247 1,862,988
Manual Journal Entries 7,144 52,706,666
Payroll Transactions 4,075 26,237,233
Post Office Charges 3 9

Although there are dozens of other transaction types, the ones above are a small representative sample. For illustrative purposes, the tiny volume of post office charges was chosen to show how little OIT actually uses the US mail anymore (although we do buy stamps with p-cards from time to time).

HR Transactions

Transaction Type # of Transaction Lines
Hires/Transfers (excluding students) 41
Timecard Adjustment Requests and Approvals 3,033
Earnings Distribution Record Changes 719

Administrative Transactions

Transaction Type # of Transaction Lines
Contracts Reviewed and Executed 106
Meetings Scheduled and Rescheduled (estimated) 3,120

As we prepare for FY12, IT F&A will continue to demonstrate the dedicated fiscal capacity to monitor and coordinate the financial mechanisms of the Office of Information Technology. In an environment of strategic risk, the challenges that we face present new opportunities to provide the level of service that has become the hallmark of IT F&A.

John Connerat
Executive Director, Information Technology Finance and Administration

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"Working in IT F&A is fulfilling because not only do we provide a valuable resource for OIT, but we also have strong collaboration within our team. We are not a closed door group that always says 'no,' but instead we adapt to a constantly changing environment to find ways to get the job done and ensure our internal and external customers get the best service."

Christina Mazzella,
Division Director of HR for IT Finance and Administration