Applications and Plug-Ins Not Approved For Use

For any given piece of software, either an application or a plug-in/add-in, to be approved for use on the Emory networks, it needs to be reviewed against a number of factors - and security is one of the foremost factors evaluated. If a particular piece of software does not meet certain minimum security standards, it won't be approved for use on Emory networks.

The following are some examples of software which have been reviewed and are not approved for use on the Emory networks.


Plug-Ins / Add-Ins

Asana Plug-In

Asana is a work management platform designed to help teams organize and track their work.
Asana Plug-In for:
Microsoft / O365 Outlook
Microsoft / O365 Teams
Status:   Not approved for use

Grammarly Plug-In

Grammarly is a cloud-based typing assistant which is used to review spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity - and other aspects of writing to produce clearer, more succinct, communications.
Grammarly Plug-In for:
Microsoft / O365 Word
Microsoft / O365 Outlook
Status:   Not approved for use




References: Emory Policies

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