VPN Checks

To use the Emory VPN in the future, your computer may need to pass several security checks. If you are failing one or more of them, and received a warning message saying you failed one of those security checks, continue reading for information on how to fix the problem. 

Emory Owned Devices

Please contact your Local IT support for assistance.

Personally Owned Devices

Emory staff are unable to provide direct support for personal devices.  You can try these suggestions to address the problem yourself, though.


Antivirus Failures

These are free antivirus products that should allow your computer to pass the check. Note that not all versions of these products may work. You also need to keep your antivirus definitions up to date.

  • For Windows Only:  Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender
  • For Windows or MacOS:  Avira, AVG, Avast, TrendMicro, BitDefender


Firewall Failures

You need to make sure that the firewall that comes with your operating system is enabled in order to pass the check.  Note that the exact steps you need to take may vary based on your operating system version.