Document Management

--- with OnBase and Box


Emory Document Management Service provides access to the latest technologies for digitizing, managing and archiving records and information from various applications and for sharing files and information between and among users -- anytime and from anywhere, and provides solutions to automate complex business processes.



Emory uses the OnBase Document Management System, an integrated solution enabling departments and divisions to capture, store, retrieve and archive documents and other information quickly and securely. OnBase organizes information into a single system, eliminating manual data entry.

Document imaging is a system for replicating office records, such as paper files, into digital images. OnBase technology tracks, manages and stores this information according to the wishes of campus customers and their individual requirements.

The OnBase system manages the flow of information from creation to archiving.

  • Interested in implementing OnBase? Then contact the Imaging Team for more information and to complete a readiness audit:


  • Need to know about campus requirement for records retention? Then contact the University’s records manager:




For securely sharing the documents you create and manage, there’s Emory Box, a cloud-hosted management platform that allows secure file-sharing between and among users wherever they may be

Box facilitates document sharing and collaboration, a service available to active faculty and staff and students enrolled in degree-bearing programs. Users control how content can be shared with others and for how long. Box can be utilized for anything from single- to multi-page reports to the distribution of software licensing and applications.

Ready to use Box? It’s easy.

Go to and select the Continue button to log-in using your Emory ID credentials and create an account.

Key Features and Benefits

Emory Document Management is the service that provides the ability to access files online at any time, from anywhere.

  • Provides intuitive content management (OnBase, Box)
  • Access large files securely (OnBase, Box)
  • Automate complex business processes (OnBase)