Emergency Notification

RAVE Mobile Safety, Emory Center for Emergency Preparedness and Response (CEPAR), Emergency Notification

The RAVE Emergency Alert Service is the primary mobile text notification system used by Emory University & Emory Healthcare and other enterprise staff. The Emergency Notifications are managed through CEPAR, the Center for Emergency Preparedness and Response, and the OIT Messaging team. These SMS text based notifications provide timely information to students, faculty and staff in the event of an emergency. The Emory Police and Public Safety use the Rave system which is also integrated with other Emergency Notification modes (cable TV, RSS, Sirens) and social media (some Emory Facebook & Twitter sites) to provide emergency group messaging, email, and advanced reporting.

The Emergency Notification Service provides the Emory University and Emory Healthcare communities with reliable and efficient, mission critical mobile messaging services to mobile devices. The service offers priority-driven, mobile contact. The overall features of the service include the ability to send mobile messages in high volumes rapidly to users that have subscribed to the service via Emory’s Peoplesoft HR self service portal.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Send emergency SMS text messages and emails, to Emory University & Emory Healthcare students, faculty and staff (RAVE Mobile Safety, SMS Text)
  • Mass communicating messages regarding major disasters or any event that could cause business disruptions (Rave Mobile Safety, SMS Text, Twitter, Facebook, RSS, Emory University cable TV, Campus Sirens)