Call Center Management

Avaya CMS, ACD, Automatic Call Distribution, Verint
The Call Management System offers integrated analysis, real-time monitoring, historical reporting, custom reporting,task scheduling, threshold warning, administration, and long-term report data storage for call centers with automatic call distribution (ACD).
The Call Management System interfaces with the telephone system to collect call traffic and performance data, and provides formatted management reports, graphs and analytics. This system also provides feeds for other work force management tools.
Reporting is tracked by Call Center, Queues, Routing Points (the published telephone numbers), and Agent.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Call Center Managers can change skill levels of their agents, and move agents between multiple call centers
  • Service Observe - Helps explain anomalies within real-time reports, requiring an Agent Login for the manager/supervisor with applied permissions and a feature button
  • Schedule meetings or training without impacting service levels.
  • Comply with government, union, and "time-banking" regulations
  • Create centralized forecasts and schedules with a single point of control over the entire network, or decentralized schedules that allow for decision-making at individual sites.
  • Schedule based on skills, work queues, and other parameters.
  • Automatic delivery of calls for evaluation
  • Intelligent, customizable evaluation forms
  • Agent scorecards
  • Unified evaluation and playback workspace
  • Synchronized audio and screens
  • eLearning
  • Centralized administration and reporting
  • PCI and Recording Encryption
  • Robust voice and video call processing capabilities
  • Advanced workforce productivity and mobility features
  • Built-in conferencing and contact center applications
  • Centralized voicemail and attendant operations across multiple locations
  • Centralized voicemail and attendant operations across multiple locations