Mobile Application Development

The Mobile App Distribution Service provides processes and tools around the review, approval, publication, and distribution of both internal and public mobile applications. Emory requires an internal review of all mobile applications developed at Emory prior to submission for distribution in public marketplaces, including but not limited to the Apple App Store and Google Play. This process is initiated by the Office of Technology Transfer in consultation with Legal Counsel, Marketing & Communications, and Library and Information Technology Services.

A more limited process is available for the review and submission of internal mobile apps. These may be apps for internal use at Emory or apps that will eventually be released publicly, but are in a prototype, beta, R&D, or QA phase of existence. The Emory Mobile App Catalog is an internal app store for applications for use by Emory employees and their close collaborators.

Emory Mobile App Review and Distribution Process for Public App Marketplaces

Public - High Level Process
Step 1 - Office of Technology Transfer Intellectual Property Analysis
Step 2 -Communications & Marketing Branding Review
Step 3 -Legal Counsel Review
Step 4 -Compliance and Regulatory Review
Step 5 -Information Security Review
Step 6 -External App Store Posting (see Apple and Google Templates in right pane)
Subsequest Application Updates Submissions

Emory Mobile App Review and Submission Process for Internal Emory Distribution

Internal - High Level Process
Step 1 -Internal Posting Review
Step 2 -Compliance and Regulatory Review
Step 3 -Information Security Review
Step 4 -Complete the Appropriate Internal Distribution Submission Forms (see Internal Templates in right pane)
Step 5 -Internal App Store Posting (See link in right pane)
Subsequest Application Updates Submissions