Video Technologies

--- Streaming, Cable TV, Class Capture, Echo360, Videography services


Video Technologies, part of Emory's Office of Information Technology (OIT), is nationally recognized for providing innovative video technologies and broadcast services for the University. Its broad menu of services includes:


Emory Cable Television is a campus-wide television network for Emory faculty, staff, and students. Programming is provided by Xfinity on Campus and includes a variety of news, entertainment, language, and sports. Digital and high-definition channels are also part of the programming package, as well as IPTV access for students.

Three channels have a specific campus focus:

  • -- broadcasts of live campus events
  • WMRE -- the Emory student radio station with live feeds from its studio

Emory University, Emory Healthcare and Oxford College maintain separate TV programming services, with unique channel line-ups. Emory Healthcare and the Oxford campus are served by area cable providers. 

Audio and Video Streaming services are used for live broadcasts and on-demand content that can be archived. Streaming services can be used to create digital media for online courses, for department training sessions and to document and promote other campus events. This service is flexible and can be customized for the specific needs of any type of project.

Content can be deployed on Emory’s network and then to the internet for worldwide viewing. Emory’s audio and visual streaming services utilize the Wowza Cloud service and Vimeo.

Specialized services such as Live streaming require advance planning, technical coordination, advertising and other resources in order to deliver a successful event.


Emory Class Capture through Echo 360

Echo360 is a classroom and personal lecture capture and video delivery system with user-friendly tools for recording, transcoding and publishing.  Students can then watch class sessions repeatedly 24/7 through an online archive.

Faculty and staff instructors can use the software in the classroom, the office or at home. Many Emory schools have installed automated capture systems in select classrooms and can provide the technology to faculty teaching in remote locations.

Echo 360 is an effective way for instructors to build libraries of material for access not only by students but also by the general academic community.


OIT Video Production Services 

The team performs High Definition video recording of live events in addition to supporting services like web streaming and assisting with audio-visual production support for educational training videos, documentaries and video file preparation.

The team’s experienced video production professionals work one-on-one with customers to film events for future broadcast on the web or the Emory cable network, using the latest professional broadcast equipment such as Sony HD XDCAM camcorders and recorders.

Planning sessions are free of charge. For more service details and contact information refer to Video Technologies documents under “Related Resources.”

Key Features and Benefits

  • Live Event Streaming (Streaming AV)
  • Live Event Broadcasting (Cable TV)
  • Broadcast Channel Programming (Cable TV)
  • Digital Recording (Class Capture Echo 360)
  • Digital Streaming (Streaming AV, Class Capture Echo 360)
  • Desktop Videoconferencing (Videoconferencing)
  • HD Room Videoconferencing (Videoconferencing)