Web Hosting

Cascade, Web Content Management, PHP, ColdFusion, Search, CMS, Digital certificates

The Web Hosting service provides a web presence for Emory University and related organizations.

Technical details:

Web Hosting is a Linux, Apache, PHP environment based on the RedHat enterprise operating system. In addition to PHP, ColdFusion is also offered for dynamic content.  Cascade Server is offered for managing content.  WebDAV is available for direct manipulation of the content. Need a site? Request a new site through the Request Catalog.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Multiple load balanced, physically dispersed servers providing maximum availability
  • Content Management system simplifying creation of content
  • Secure and non-secure hosting options
  • Analytics for site optimization
  • Predefined set of templates for simplicity and Emory branding
  • Training and Documentation
  • 24x7 support of environment