Web Hosting

Cascade, Web Content Management, PHP, ColdFusion, Search, CMS, Digital certificates

The Web Hosting service provides a web presence for Emory University and related organizations. It is a multi-faceted service with different parts performing different functions for a holistic hosting solution. The service and its parts are supported by Emory Office of Information Technology and primarily by the Web Management team. The environment is managed, patched, and kept up to date on vulnerability mitigations.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Multiple load balanced, physically dispersed servers providing maximum availability
  • Content Management system simplifying creation of content
  • Secure and non-secure hosting options
  • Dynamic content leveraging MySQL, PHP and Java Script.
  • Analytics for site optimization
  • Predefined set of templates for simplicity and Emory branding
  • Training and Documentation
  • 24x7 support of environment

Content Management

Web Hosting offers Cascade CMS for managing website content. Cascade is our Enterprise content management system, providing tools to create and share content. An Emory branded standard template is available for getting a jump start on a high-quality website. Cascade will be able to push content to all hosting solutions (Static, Content and Development). Additionally, we offer Console or WebDAV access for manually putting content in the host environment. This can be used in cases where content is not housed in Cascade and need to be published manually. 


Web Hosting Terms of Use

The Web Hosting environment is available for use by Emory University faculty and staff for university business. There is no cost to use any part of the service.  There are some best practices and content standards that should be adhered to while using the service.

  • Websites and their content must meet the Emory branding policies.
  • All sites must be HTTPS.
  • Websites must have a responsible party who is the owner of the content.
  • Web site URLs will need to go through an approval process.


Please note that the Web Hosting environment is NOT built to meet compliance regulations. Sensitive data should not be stored in the environment. We offer the ability to secure a web site, but the procedures are not meant to meet any specific requirements. The site and content owner are responsible for the material on the web site including the look, feel, and appropriateness of it.


Roles and Responsibilities

Site Owners are considered the business owner of the web site and its content.  The site owner will be the primary contact for inquiries regarding the web site. Lack of a designated Site Owner may lead to the web site being orphaned and eventually removed.

Content Owner will be responsible for managing the web site content and the content’s look and feel. Issues with content, communication about content, and other requests will be sent to the content owner.

Web Management Team will be responsible for the availability of the content. The team will manage the infrastructure that will deliver the content to visitors of web sites. 


Development Site Hosting

Content published and served in the development hosting service is temporary. No permanent references should be made to the development service. Unless updated, development content will be retained for 60 days before expiring. Content should be permanently housed in Cascade CMS or some other content management tool. It is the responsibility of the content owner to retain a copy of their content.  Development/Staging environments will only be available from 9AM to 7PM Monday thru Friday in compliance with OIT non-production availability guidelines.



  • Any eligible University faculty or staff member of Emory can use Web Hosting for business-related purposes. Personal web sites will not be accepted.
  • Students can manage content, but a web site must have a Site Owner that are a faculty or staff for Emory University.
  • Sponsored account holders or 3rd party vendors can manage content, but a web site must have a Site Owner that are a faculty or staff for Emory University.
  • Emory Healthcare content should be hosted through Emory Healthcare Information services.