Apple's iPhone 3G

July 11, 2008

Apple announced today the revolutionary new iPhone 3G. This exciting new interface combines Phone, iPod, and Internet all in one high speed device. Improved enterprise support over the previous iPhone, the 3G supports the industry standard wireless used on campus (Emory Unplugged), Microsoft Exchange, GPS mapping, and supports many 3rd party applications. The 3G speeds are expected to perform up to 36% faster than other devices. The iPhone 3G speed, design, and enterprise features are defining the future of the cell phone industry.

Rumors and speculation surrounding this device have circulated for several months. In preparation of its arrival on campus, University Technology Services (UTS) has actively tested the product for a number of months with our Microsoft Exchange service. We are pleased to announce, the synchronization with Exchange and the secure wireless networking features work extremely well. We have also successfully tested the new software with our LearnLink and Eagle mail services; although to enjoy the full feature-rich features of the iPhone, Exchange is recommended.

We encourage all faculty and staff interested in moving forward with this device to work directly with their local IT support team. UTS has prepared simple instructions to assist with setting up the iPhone 3G (or a first generation iPhone or iPod touch with the 2.0 software update) to connect with Emory's secure wireless service and work with any of Emory's central email services:
Instructions for configuring the iPhone for Emory's secure wireless service can be found at:

Connecting to EmoryUnplugged Instructions for configuring the iPhone 3G (or a first generation iPhone or iPod touch with the 2.0 software update) with Emory Email services can be found at:

Configuration for EmoryExchange

Configuration for EagleMail

Configuration for LearnLink