New Enhanced IT-Alert System

May 19, 2008

UTS now offers an improved notification system for receiving reporting IT service outages. The system will allows users to select from and subscribe to alerts by: 

  • University and/or Healthcare (for services provided by UTS)
  • Type (SIRs, FYIs, and/or Security Alerts).
  • Services (academic, enterprise, network, phone, etc.)

You may sign up for the new service at any time by going to:

The new system will email a brief notification to subscribers when a service is impacted and when service is restored (SIR). Security Alerts and FYIs will also be emailed to users that have elected to receive these notifications through the subscription service.

Starting Monday, May 19th additional details, updates and debriefs for all SIRs (Service Impact Reports) will be found on the system status page at: The status page will also include security and maintenance alerts as well as an archive view of the past 60 days.

Users logging into the self-service website at will be presented with a list of any known service outages which they can select and view additional details. Remedy users will also have the ability to view all active SIRs from the Incident Management console.

Already signed up for the IT-Alert Listserv?
Once you sign up for the new service you should unsubscribe to the IT-Alert list to avoid receiving duplicated messages. Unsubscribe by sending an email to: and type SIGNOFF IT-ALERT in the body of the email.

NOTE: The current IT-Alert list will be decommissioned on June 1.

Feedback!: Please let us know if you have any suggested improvements, questions, and/or comments by either calling 7-7777 or sending an email to