Meeting Maker Application: It's officially retired!

December 4, 2008

In support of the University's goal to establish an enterprise wide email and calendaring system throughout Emory, the Meeting Maker calendaring application was slated for December retirement.

Meeting Maker was the first collaborative calendar application at Emory University and it will be remembered fondly. Exchange is now in place and has an even greater reach throughout all Emory University and Emory Healthcare.

Our deliverable: To retire the Meeting Maker application with minimal user disruption and migrate without event to the enterprise wide collaborative calendar of Exchange 2007 by December 08.

Our approach: To reach out to individual divisions and departments, working with Local IT Support to identify users and migrate accounts off of Meeting Maker.

Our results: We have succeeded in migrating all users without event, turned off the application, and returned the hardware/software resources to be repurposed.

We owe a special Thank You to Local IT Support; their assistance was greatly appreciated and very well met!

All new Emory faculty and staff are encouraged to secure an Exchange account to take advantage of the enterprise wide collaborative calendaring feature.