PeopleSoft SA

Current students, prospective students, faculty, administrative staff, and former students can access student information through OPUS. Additionally, students have the ability to sponsor accounts for guests in OPUS to do such functions as pay bills, view grades or sign up for the Emory Payment Plan. 

The service provides students with access to view information on and perform functions pertaining to financial aid, admission, academics, enrollment, student finances, advisement and personal biographic information. Faculty and staff have access to this same student information on a need to know basis in accordance with federal regulations. Using OPUS, faculty have access to class management information including on-line class grading.

Key Features and Benefits

  • The ability to view and update various information directly including but not limited to basic biographic data, communications, to-do items, emergency contact information, and non-academic achievements
  • The ability to view and pay bills
  • The ability to make online payments, set up direct deposit for refunds, access 1098-T tax documents, enroll in the Emory Payment Plan and make EmoryCard deposits
  • The ability to view and accept financial aid
  • The ability to interact with the schools throughout the prospective student cycle, including event registration and viewing admission decisions
  • The ability to enroll for academic classes
  • The ability to request transcripts and letters of enrollment to be sent on behalf of the student
  • The ability to view data to enhance academic planning such as curriculum planning, degree progress tracking and applying for graduation
  • The ability to view and download grade rosters and see a weekly schedule of class meetings
  • The ability to view information pertinent to classes such as class rosters with photos of the student and exam schedules
  • The ability to view pertinent student information to support advising students and to communicate with lists of advisees
  • The ability for the student to enable any or all of a set of options to several different guests to allow those guests to perform functions on behalf of the student
  • The ability to exempt from mandatory student health insurance by providing information on existing acceptable health insurance coverage